Renters (Reform) Bill Update

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The Renters (Reform) Bill was initially introduced to parliament for its first reading on 17 May 2023.

Finally, it is now set to go through a second reading in the House of Commons.

This will take place on Monday 23 October 2023, five months after its first reading.

It must be passed through a lengthy parliamentary process before it can become law.

A second reading gives MPs the opportunity to debate the principles of the Bill.

This allows for any queries, concerns or views to be voiced by opposition.

What do people think about the Renters (Reform) Bill?

According to research in the State of the Lettings Industry Report 2023 - opinions are still divided over The Renters (Reform) Bill.

Of those who participated, 29% of letting agents felt optimistic about the legislation changes, compared to only 14% of landlords.

However, 54% of landlords felt “very” or “somewhat” pessimistic about the changes and what this would mean for them.

Michael Gove has been  Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities since 2022.

He told the Conservative Party conference that a ”thriving private rented sector is vital to ensuring an effective housing market”.

It is understood that Gove had faced opposition from backbenches, but has now “won the internal battle” for these planned changes.

The Bill will now be carried over to the next parliamentary session following the King’s Speech on 7 November 2023.

“Thousands of households have already been made homeless while waiting for this bill and renters can’t afford to wait much longer for decent, secure homes. We’ll be pushing in parliament to strengthen the bill so that it delivers the change renters have been promised”. - Tom Darling, campaign manager of the Renters’ Reform Coalition.

For more information on the Renters (Reform) Bill, see our previous post here.

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