VeriSmart’s bespoke online booking calendar and reporting software has been designed with our Agents, Landlords and Tenants needs in mind. Its sole purpose is to make all their lives easier.

Access your personalised, web-based booking calendar. Book anytime 24/7 and receive immediate confirmation. Where required attach relevant documents e.g. tenancy agreement, cleaning quotes, old inventories, receipts and quotes, keeping everything easy to access.

Booking is assigned to an Inspector whose photograph and contact details are shown on the booking. This gives you peace of mind knowing who will undertake your inspection, the option to contact them direct if required and the ability to let tenants, landlords or contractors know who will be attending.

Inspector collects keys and undertakes property inspection. This includes detailed, accurate reporting with high-res digital photography, push button testing of all smoke and CO alarms, meter readings and key recording as standard. Upon completion Inspector returns keys to Client.

Inspector compiles and uploads report to the calendar system within 48 hours (usually 24). All reports contain an ‘overview of property’ page outlining basic property information including location of alarms and meters. Secure report links are delivered via email.

Client receives secure email link to view and download report. Once uploaded this is always available and GDPR compliant via the calendar booking. One click automatically sends the report through our Tenant Delivery System with full tracking, date and time stamps.

Tenant receives secure link to download report with SMS confirmation of its arrival and full instructions on how to log in, make comments and upload any pictures. Countdown to verification starts upon report delivery (usually 5-7 days) and all actions are tracked, dated and time stamped.

Tenant will receive automated reminders encouraging them to verify the report within the allocated time slot. Once they are happy they can easily sign off the report online. Any comments or photos are stored neatly at the end of the report for future access. The report will sign off automatically if no action is taken once the allocated deadline has lapsed.

After verification all reports are stored securely within the calendar, accessible and available to download 24/7. All reports, past and present, are linked via property ID and easily recalled at the click of a button.