Pet-Friendly Properties

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Are you aware of the changing laws regarding pet-friendly rental properties?

Pet-Friendly Policies on the Rise

Gone are the days of limited options for pet owners in rental properties. 

Many jurisdictions and landlords are recognising the importance of pets in our lives and are embracing pet-friendly policies. 

This means more opportunities for pet owners to find suitable homes for themselves and their furry companions. 

Changing Laws and Pet-friendly Policies

Legislation and rental agreements are evolving to accommodate pet owners responsibly. 

While some restrictions may still exist, the trend is moving toward allowing pets with certain conditions, such as pet deposits, breed-specific considerations, and adherence to responsible pet ownership guidelines. 

It's a win-win for both tenants and landlords! 

A Pet-friendly Renters (Reform) Bill 

The Renters (Reform) Bill is the government’s plan to “bring in a better deal for renters'', and was presented to parliament in May 2023.

Tenants will have the right to request a pet in the property, which the landlord must consider and cannot unreasonably refuse.

Landlords will be able to require pet insurance to cover any damage to their property.

Happy Homes for Pets and Their Humans

Allowing pets in rental properties creates happier homes for both tenants and their four-legged friends. 

Pets provide companionship, emotional support, and a sense of family. 

When pet owners have the opportunity to live with their beloved companions, it enhances their overall well-being and quality of life. 

Benefits for Landlords 

Pet-friendly policies can be advantageous for landlords as well. With responsible pet owners, property managers can attract a larger pool of potential tenants. 

Additionally, responsible pet ownership guidelines and pet deposits can help mitigate any potential damages and ensure the upkeep of the property. 


Let's cherish the special bond we share with our furry friends and celebrate the love that our pets bring to our lives. 

Pet-friendly image of dog and woman on sofa at home

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