Please note that for security reasons VeriSmart Inventories can only accept observations from Tenants via two approved channels.

1) Via our Tenant Feedback portal, provided as a service for Tenants from VeriSmart Inventories

VeriSmart will send the Tenant their report on behalf of the managing agent or landlord via email and SMS message.

This email and SMS message will both contain a secure link to the Tenant Feedback portal, where text comments and photographs can be submitted via a web interface. This interface is mobile-friendly, and can be used on any web-capable device.

2) Via Email Reply (Text observations only)

Our delivery email uses a specific "From" address. Any text sent as a reply to this email address from the specified tenants email address will be logged as a Tenants Observation as long as it is submitted within the feedback period, and is from the same email address the managing agent has specified for the Tenant.

Please note all attachments are stripped for security reasons, and only email text will be submitted.

These two channels are provided by VeriSmart Inventories on behalf of the managing agent as a service to the Tenant. If a tenant would like to use a different communication channel or method to submit their observations, then they will need to contact the managing agent directly.

VeriSmart Inventories will endeavour to record and store tenants observations through the two channels above and take no responsibility for communication of tenants observations outside these two channels.