How to Rent Guide: Update

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The Government updated its How to rent guide on October 2nd 2023.

This version of the guide covers the Housing Loss Prevention Advice Service  - a new service to offer tenants legal advice about their housing and possessions.


What is the How to rent guide?

The How to rent guide is an essential resource for both landlords and tenants - explaining everything you need to know about the private renting experience.

It provides information on rights, responsibilities and regulations when renting a property in England.

It is a legal requirement that the latest version of the guide MUST be shared with the tenant when their tenancy starts.

Unless the guide has been updated since the contract started, it does not need to be provided again when a contract is renewed.


What if the How to rent guide isn’t provided?

A Landlord cannot evict a tenant with a section 21 notice without having provided them with the guide.

Similarly, this must have been served at the right time - before the tenancy start date.

Lack of correct procedure when issuing the guide could invalidate any section 21 notice to evict the tenant.


How can landlords stay compliant?

Check the government’s website for the latest version of the guide.

They display a log of updates to the document, making it easier to identify any changes since you issued it.

In order to avoid any mistakes, you can download the guide directly from their website.

We recommend that you keep a trail of what your tenants have received.

You can either ask for a signature to confirm receipt, or keep records of email communications.



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Download the latest How to rent guide, and stay informed on your rights and responsibilities as a landlord or tenant.

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