VeriSmart London (City)

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VeriSmart London (City) covers the following postcodes:

E1W, E1, E2, E3, E6, E13, E14, E16, EC1A, EC1M, EC1N, EC1P, EC1R, EC1V, EC1Y, EC2A, EC2M, EC2N, EC2P, EC2R, EC2V, EC2Y, EC3A, EC3M, EC3N, EC3P, EC3R, EC3V, EC4A, EC4M, EC4N, EC4P, EC4R, EC4V, EC4Y, EC50

Hi, I am Nana Marshall – Harry, Director of VeriSmart London City. We cover all areas of the City of London including Barbican, Shoreditch, Chancery Lane, and Hatton Gardens. We also provide coverage for Canary Wharf, Mile End, Hoxton, Bethnal Green, Beckton and many more.
I’m a Londoner and after more than 15 years working in the City, when the opportunity arose to work for myself in and around the city I loved, I jumped at it!

My background before working in the property industry was within the IT sector as a Project Manager. However, I have always had a passion for Property. VeriSmart allows me to merge the best of both worlds. I was nervous joining VeriSmart, but within a very short time, I realised that their level of professionalism, the support during training and their attitude was amazing. The VeriSmart team are a family and they want you to win.
VeriSmart is an easy choice for agents and landlords to make too. The cutting edge technology used by VeriSmart to support Landlords and protect tenants ensure they are an industry leader. VeriSmart have the best, user friendly tools such as the calendar booking system and the money saving paperless delivery system which keeps agents, landlords and tenants up to date with text messages every step of the way.

The services we offer in London City are currently inventories, mid-terms, check outs, HHSRS inspections with the option of a full safety pack, legionella risk assessments, smoke and CO alarm testing and installation and now 360 virtual viewings along with floorplans to really showcase the property.

As a franchise area, as well as producing top quality reports, we understand our clients need for punctual, polite, presentable and professional partners. This is VeriSmart. We never say no to a booking and will go the extra mile to ensure our clients are happy. We already work with some of the leading agents in London who would all recommend us. So feel free to reach out to and book our services and enjoy peace of mind.